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Science links.
BBC News stories.

Why study Physics?

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PLOS - Public library of science
News - General physics

BPhO - British Physics Olympiad
BBC Chemistry news stories.
BBC and other news stories- Astrophysics.
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Institute of physics - IOP

How stuff works - learn how everything works!
News - Mechanics - Forces and motion.
News - Waves.

Meet 12 Badass Scientists…Who Also Happen to be Women

Veritasium Science Videos - Veritasium

Xkcd - what if?
News - Thermal physics.
News - Fields.

General science.
Wikipedia - Flashpoint of a liquid.
BBC News - Top five physics discoveries

Sixty Symbols - Physics & Astronomy videos

Physis girl -
News - Electricity.
News - Atomic, nuclear and quantum.

Apimac timer - download


Wikipedia - Diet coke and mentos

Minute physics -

Vsauce -
BBC - Revision technique - good, OK, useless

Mythbusters - Diet coke and mentos
BBC - spurious correlation and causation


Dr PhysicsA - youtube channel

You-ku - Diet coke and mentos.
BBC - Ten Great miscalculations


Pancakes page.
Physical activity PSHCE


Science Buddies - science fair ideas

Crest Awards


Memrise - quizzes

International young physicists tournament - iypt
AMPS - Australia multimedia for physics students
VCE Physics - Vic Physics

Simon Porter - gifs/short movie clips

Science for Dummies

Dot Physics - Wired

Buzz feed

The Little shop of physics - LSOP.

World and the environment.

Wikipedia - Fermi Problem
(Back of an envelope calculation)

Julius Sumner Miller?
Ma and Pa kettle maths?

Carbon Footprint Calculator @ Nothing Nerdy

NBC Learn - The science of the Winter Olympics

Ecological Footprint Calculator

Worldometers - and counting...

History of Physics.

BBC - the world at 7 billion

A brief history of Physics.

You-ku - The Great ideas of clasYou-ku - sical physics

BBC News - IPCC Climate report 2013
BBC News - Plants and CO2 absorption

You-ku - 100 Greatest Discoveries, Physics

World science day.

BBC News - Fossil fuels phased out by 2100

Physics games.

BBC News - 2014 Warmest on record

Physics games net

Fantastic Contraptions - physics fun and games

My new test page

Wired - Science

Millenium Falcon - origami infographic