12.1 The interaction of light with matter.
  • Photons
  • The photoelectric effect
  • Matter waves
  • Pair production and pair annihilation
  • Quantization of angular momentum in the Bohr model for hydrogen
  • The wave function
  • The uncertainty principle for energy and time and position and momentum
  • Tunnelling, potential barrier and factors affecting tunnelling probability
S-cool - Pair production
The Photoelectric effect.
Phet - The Photoelectric effect
PE effect icon.png
Phet - Photoelectric effect lab tutorial

S-cool - The Photoelectric effect

Java applet - The Photoelectric effect
Wave-particle duality - de Broglie
Wikipedia - Louis de Broglie

S-cool - Wave particle duality, energy levels

Walter Fendt - Bohr Hydrogen model

Phet - Davisson-Germer experiment

Wikipedia - Schrodinger equation
- nice animation of a wavefunction

Heisenbergy uncertainty principle.