The Edexcel IGCSE Physics Text-book and e-book.
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  • Hard copies of the text book are available from the text-book office.
  • Worked example questions are embedded in the chapter - they introduce new ideas simply.
    At the end of each chapter there is a Chapter Checklist.
  • At the end of each chapter there are Practice Questions - all the worked solutions are in the pdf document below:

  • An electronic copy of the text-book is also available from your teacher.
  • Multiple choice quiz - at the end of each chapter of the e-book.
  • Animation - these are embedded in the ebook.
The Edexcel Revison Guide.
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  • An excellent resource that provides a summary of each topic.
  • A hard copy of the book is available from the text-book office.
  • There are 'Warm-up' questions at the end of each topic.
  • All answers below:

  • There are 'Exam-style' questions at the back of the book for every topic.
  • All answers below:

IGCSE Physics - DCS Revision booklet.

This is a summary of the documents below and contains:
Syllabus and checklists by section.
- all the syllabus and checklists by section.
Practical investigation work.
- 'Describe experiments to investigate...' - a full list with
- Definitions of terms used in practical questions
- a full list of all the equations that you need to 'know and use' and 'use'
- top tips for taking Physics exams
- Command terms - definitions
- Electrical circuit symbols

  • Edexcel syllabus.
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  • Download the Syllabus for the entire course here:

  • Chapter checklists.
  • Download the Checklists for the entire course here:

  • Command words.
  • Download the list of 'Command terms' used in all assessment here:

Useful Edexcel exam board documents.
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  • A summary of all Physics equations by topic

  • Equations given in the exam - you must understand how to use these.

  • All the equations you'll need in the exam - you need to 'know' (remember) and understand how to use these.

  • Electrical circuit symbols that you must know.

Topic pages. - all topic pages.

Each topic page contains:
  • The Edexcel Physics syllabus the most important document!
  • Chapter checklists - a user-friendly version of the syllabus with extra information and tick-boxes to assess how confident you are in each topic.
  • The Learning objectives - the exact same content as the syllabus but has no numbers
  • Solutions to all 'Warm-up' and 'Exam-style' Qs from the revision guide.
  • Exam questions with markscheme and examiners comments.
  • IGCSE Edexcel Revision podcasts by Ben Ryder.
  • These are available on youtube or from your teacher.
  • There is a short 15-30 minutes podcast for all 7 sections
  • They explain simply all the key concepts in the section.
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Practical investigation related documents.

All the experiments, variables, measuring devices with space for notes.

  • Edexcel - Science practical terms:
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  • Grade gorilla icon.png
    Grade gorilla icon.png
  • Grade Gorilla -
  • Graded multiple-choice tests on each topic.
  • Go to Grade Gorilla
Examination hints and tips.
Includes hints on how to tackle:
- exam questions in general
- calculations style questions
- practical style questions
- graphs
- some do and don't says
(based on a document from NothingNerdywikispace)

Other IGCSE Revision questions.

Practice questions and answers.
IGCSE - Past-papers and Mark schemes.