2.1 Motion.
  • Distance and displacement
  • Speed and velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Graphs describing motion
  • Equations of motion for uniform acceleration
  • Projectile motion
  • Fluid resistance and terminal speed
Motion and graphing motion.
Phet - The Moving Man sim - graphing motion
d-t and v-t graphs Graph Lab
Walter Fendt - Motion with constant acceleration

Tracker 1.png Tracker 2.png
Tracker - video analysis- download here.

Projectile motion.
S-cool - Projectile motion
Phet - Projectile motion sim
Walter Fendt - Projectile motion
Projectile animation
Thinkquest - water-balloons
Uni of Oregon - Shoot the monkey
Thinkquest - Pirates and cannons

Throwing a football 1
- no air resistance
Throwing a football 2
- with air resistance

Wired - physics of a world record standing long jump
- motion in x and y direction
Equations of motion.
S-cool - Equations of motion

Relative motion.
Relative velocity - boat, river and shore.
Relative motion - boat, river, man, bank as frames of reference
Relative velocity - The Physics classroom - planes and boats.
Surendranath - river and boat applet