Forces & Newton's Laws of motion.

Mass, weight and gravity.

Momentum & collisions.

Moments - turning effects.

Forces - teaching resource pack
All about forces - excellent!
Forces icon.png
Forces icon.png

Newton's 1st Law
Balanced/unbalanced forces.
Veritasium - Slinky drop

Space shepherd - balanced/unbalanced forces -echalk

S-cool - What can forces do?

Phet - Forces & motion
Phet - Force in 1 dimension

Veritasium - Three incorrect laws of motion

Newton's 2nd Law.
F = ma investigation.
Walter Fendt - java applets
Newton's 2nd law - F=ma

Horse and cart - Newton's laws -echalk
Surendranath - java applets
Whack the penguin

Gravity - a cartoon introduction -echalk

Gravity game -echalk

Space cadet - forces in space -echalk

Video clip - Mr. Edmonds song

Veritasium - The difference between mass and weight

S-cool - Forces, moments & pressure.

Newton's Cradle - conservation of momentum

Elastic and inelastic collisions - echalk

Video clips - Crash tests

Veritasium - Jetpack rocket science

Forces resource - part 'V' -echalk

Princess on rollerskates -echalk

Principle of Moments activity.

Phet - Balancing act
Phet - balance lab.png
Phet - balance lab.png

Levers - Brainpop

Veritasium - 5 physics questions

Stopping distances.

Terminal velocity & free-fall

Hooke's Law & springs

NBC Learn - The science of the Winter Olympics

Stopping distances - echalk

Safe driving - Venn diagram -echalk

Video clips - Driving safety

BBC News -free fall record

Terminal velocity - echalk

Free-fall - echalk

Video clip - Skydivers
Veritasium - Misconceptions about falling objects
Video clip - Brainiac

Practical investigations.
- Describe experiments to investigate the forces on falling objects

Phet - Masses & springs

S-cool - Hooke's Law